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Daily Scan: 10.28.08 – The Colorful Surprises in Early Star Trek Comics, Stephen Hawking Is Retiring


• Hey, remember when Mr. Sulu was black and Uhura was blonde? Good times.

Weird Tales gets a gorgeous online face lift.

• Every boy needs a killer tentacled robot… T-shirt.

• What do the guts of Godzilla and Gamera look like?

• Kevin Smith uses the disturbing word reboot to describe the new Star Trek movie.

• Stephen Hawking is retiring, although I doubt you can stop the man from thinking, writing and working.

• SF Signal posts some great videos of the ultimate scifi superfan, Forrest J. Ackerman.

They Saved Hitler’s Brain is getting a musical makeover.

• io9 posts an excellent list of posthumously published science fiction.

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