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Daily Scan: 10.08.08 – ScifFi Classics to Help You Choose the Next President, Orson Scott Card on Ender’s Game Adaptation


• Sean Williams talks about why he feels okay writing novelizations of Star Wars novels.

• George Romero’s Crazies is being remade. This does not tickle my sacrilege bone at all: The Crazies is a rather lousy movie, and can only be improved.

• io9 lists their favorite fake Twitter feeds.

• Guillermo del Toro’s favorite monster man, Doug Jones, will be portraying the monster in his upcoming version of Frankenstein.

• Orson Scott Card walks us through Marvel’s upcoming adaptation of Ender’s Game.

• Some favorite science fiction novelists recommend classics to help choose the next president. There’s only a couple of incredibly stupid partisan knee-jerkers here.

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