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A Is for Atmosphere, Z Is for Zombie

How many times have you been on the run from some undead demon and asked yourself: Is this a zombie or a vampire? It’s an important question, but between all the monsters and goblins in Hollywood history, what’s what (or who’s what) in the world of horror can be tough to keep straight. Fortunately, has spent countless hours holding the creepy creatures at bay long enough to present this reference guide of all things that go bump  in the night. Take heed. This just might save your life.      

A Is for Atmosphere
B Is for Believability
C Is for Chance
D Is for Decency
E Is for Excess
F Is for Fangs
G Is for Guts
H Is for (Haunted) House
I Is for Insanity
J Is for Jaws
K Is for Knife
L Is for Lycanthrope
M Is for Murder

N Is for Nighttime
O Is for Ooze
P Is for Panic
Q Is for Quiet
R Is for Restricted
S Is for Scream
T Is for Torch
U Is for Undead
V Is for Vampire
W Is for Weird
X Marks the Spot
Y Is for Youth
Z Is for Zombie

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