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A Is for Android; Z Is for Zombie

“The Universe is big. Really big,” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy scribe Douglas Adams once explained. And while Adams waxed about life, the Universe and everything, his genre of scifi has tackled some far-out subjects as well — everything from teleportation to time travel, and from radiation to ray guns. If you’re looking for a primer on science fiction — its influences, its themes and its most common devices — look no further.

A Is for Android
B Is for Body Snatchers
C Is for Cyberpunk
D Is for Death Star
E Is for Enterprise
F Is for Foundation
G Is for Godzilla
H Is for Hyperspace
I Is for I, Robot
J Is for Jedi
K Is for Klaatu Barada Nikto
L Is for Lovebot
M Is for Mad Scientist

N Is for Neuromancer
O Is for Octopus Overlords
P Is for Power Armor
Q Is for Q
R Is for Radiation
S Is for Superman
T Is for Time Travel
U Is for UFO
V Is for Venusians
W Is for War of the Worlds
X Is for Xenomorph
Y Is for Yavin
Z Is for Zombie

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