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Site of the Week – Geekanerd


What’s a Geekanerd? A “silly, playful word to describe any sort of nerd, geek, dork, or person who wears their fandom on their sleeve,” according to Ana Hurka-Robles (aka AHR) — and it also happens to be the name of the blog she started back in June 2007. At first, it was a place for her to “vent my geeky ramblings that otherwise might lie dormant in my mind and turn into psychosis.” But then she realized “there was an audience for this sort of geekery and, with a little more attention and structure, Geekanerd could be billed as a place to go for smart, geeky analysis.” What’s Geekanerd all about? It’s not just a comics blog, a video game blog, a movie blog or a tech blog. “We’re all of those. It makes picking what to write about a little tougher, because you want to write for all those audiences without alienating any of them,” explains Albert Thrower (aka Albo), who runs the blog with AHR. “There is a common element to all walks of geekanerd life, which is a passionate obsession for something most others don’t care about, so we try to tap into that as much as we can.”

You’ll find posts on “Spore Creatures That Look Like Stuff” (images
of creatures that look like things a geekanerd might find interesting,
such as the USS Enterprise and Batman), the animated TV series Venture Brothers, a superhero costume exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Mystery Science Theater, to name a few. And be sure to check out “30 Questions That My Girlfriend Asked Me About Star Wars.”
An example: Question 9. Why does Leia appear to know who Luke is
talking about when he says “I’m here with Ben Kenobi?” (she only knows
the name Obi Wan, I thought). Answer: Um. She just hears Kenobi and
parrots it back. It’s a high stress situation.

“We’re fervently obsessed with many of
the things we write about, and often, our fervent obsession for
something (Star Wars, Zelda, whatever) may not jibe
with someone else’s fervent obsession about the same thing — and two
people who love the exact same thing very very much end up arguing
bitterly about it,” Albo explains. Adds AHR, “We’re never going to make
fun of someone for not knowing enough about a subject because we don’t
believe being a geek is about how much you know your subject; it’s
really about how much you love your subject.”

Star Wars, by the way, is an “important geek milestone” for AHR, since it’s the first thing with which she was ever truly obsessed. The
scifi she loves is the kind that “drops us into a completely alien
world and expects the viewer to just get on board without a lot of
explanation,” she says. “I love the feeling that a film’s setting has
existed way before the story takes place, and will continue to grow and

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