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Site of the Week – Great White Snark


It all started out as kind of an experiment, a project meant to gain insight into bloggers for a start-up. But in trying to understand bloggers, Mike (who would prefer not to disclose his surname) realized, “I enjoyed writing about geeky curiosities more than I enjoyed real work” — and thus Great White Snark has stuck around, since its inception in February 2007. The website’s name says it all; you’re sure to get a large infusion of snarkiness, or “the tone that was most natural to me, which is dry — sometimes biting, sometimes self-deprecating — facetiousness,” according to Mike. An example: In a post entitled “Ten Pieces of Advice for Christian Bale as John Connor in Terminator 4,” he wrote, “Sorry to break it to you, but when we live in world where director/producer McG has taken over a beloved scifi franchise from James Cameron… the robots have already won.”

In addition to “skewering geek entertainment,” Mike’s goal is to
“regale my readers with hilarity and pithiness. And when that fails,
I’ve got lots of profiles of really outlandish geeky cakes, tattoos,
costumes, and other curiosities. So, at the very least, my readers
won’t get bored at work.” (Speaking of tattoos, he has one of the Batman symbol on his hip, and, no, he wasn’t drunk when he got it.)

also believes that his “distinctive and keenly-entertaining voice, and
the originality of my content” sets his site apart from the others that
focus on movies, TV shows, comics and the like. So, while you’ll
certainly find coverage of superhero movies and Star Wars and
zombies etc., regular readers also know there’s a fair amount of
offbeat fare… like cake coverage. In fact, one of the site’s all-time
popular posts documented a Star Wars cake-making battle
between Mike’s mother and a woman who had baked a Death Star cake. Mom
won, with a work of art: A Max Rebo (the piano player in Jabba the
Hutt’s band) cake. “The Internet denizens love conflict, and they love
awesome Star Wars cakes. A perfect storm was created,” Mike says. “That post marked my first appearance on the front page of Digg.”

By the way, it should be obvious that a grown man with a mother who still makes Star Wars cakes for him counts Star Wars
as one of his earliest science fiction influences. “It has influenced
me to funnel an ungodly amount of money into George Lucas’s coffers
over the years,” Mike says. “And he thanks me with some crummy prequels
and Jar Jar Binks.” This loyalty to Star Wars makes him a
geek, not a nerd. The difference? Nerds are “socially awkward, wear
their pants too high and happen to be really smart,” while “you can’t
recognize a geek so easily based on outward appearance. Geeks manifest
themselves through their passions and interests,” he explains.

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