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Silverado Is Essentially a Big Chill Reunion


With 1983’s The Big Chill freshly completed, director Lawrence Kasdan began amassing the cast and crew that he’d need to bring the enormous Western Silverado to the big screen. He didn’t have far to look; not only did he put Kevin Kline, Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum back in the saddle again, he also reassembled key figures in his old posse — er, crew. Cinematographer John Bailey, editor Carol Littleton, and executive producer Michael Grillo all reunited to see if they could make lightning strike a second time.

It’s not unusual for directors to reteam with the same players, both
below the line and on the screen: The Coen brothers brought back
Frances McDormand and George Clooney among others in Burn After Reading; the last three Woody Allen movies have starred Scarlett Johansson. But for Kasdan, it’s especially appropriate since The Big Chill and Silverado are
both about reunions — the former about a group of eight friends
turning to each other for support as they grapple with their adult
identities, and the latter about four estranged men who slowly rekindle
their camaraderie while bullets fly and danger stalks their loved ones.

And given that Kasdan chooses projects that are epic in
scope and ensemble in cast, it makes sense he’d opt to stay with a team
that’s grown accustomed to each other.

See how it all turned out. For a full schedule of Silverado on AMC, click here.

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