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SciFi Power Ranking – September 22, 2008

Although our TVs are currently in control of the scifi world, it’s been a surprisingly busy week in the world of big screen science fiction. Alien invaders, teen vigilantes, and the coming apocalypse all place high on this week’s Power Ranking. Here we go …

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 2 fringe.jpg Fringe
J.J. Abrams, you’ve got the little show that could on your hands. After posting solid opening numbers, the ratings for episode two jumped a whopping 59 percent. That’s bona-fide hit huge.
2 8 blindness75.jpg Blindness
So with word out from the Toronto Film Fest that the revised version of Blindness is buckets better than the original cut, excitement is building in a big way.  Releasing a stack of fantastic clips certainly doesn’t hurt either.
3 KickAss75.jpg Kick Ass
Mathew Vaughn’s violent teen vigilante comic book flick is shooting here in my own backyard this weekend, and those who have seen the script are positively soiling themselves over how good this could be.
4 heroeslogo_tn.jpg Heroes
Yes, Season 2 was kind of a dud, but the Comic-Con buzz over Season 3 still hasn’t faded and all involved are saying all the right things. The public gets to weigh in tonight.
5 transformers-75.jpg Transformers 2
The chatter so far feels much more like bought and paid for product endorsement than legitimate fan excitement from, but it’s one of the biggest films on the horizon and production is back up and running. There’s no escaping the PR machine …
6 Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still.jpg The Day The Earth Stood Still
What I said about Transformers? Equally true here, though with more outrage from fans of the original. Keanu’s dreamy factor virtually guarantees success, however.
7 RianJohnson.jpg Looper
Yes, details on Rian Johnson’s foray into scifi are still scarce but how about this tidbit from The Hollywood Reporter:  “A group of hitmen are sent their victims from the future.” A whole lot of scifi fans just got very happy.
8 Star_Trek75.jpg Star Trek
Hey! Non-news making news! Star Trek‘s almost done!  The surprise is that anybody cares enough about a Trek to mention it, and that in itself means that J.J. Abrams’ reboot is a success.
9 spirit.jpg The Spirit
Lots of new images leads to… well… sorry, Frank, it leads mostly to lots of mockery. Lots and lots of chatter, but it’s mostly of the “Hey, look at that train wreck!” variety.
10 life-on-mars.jpg Life on Mars
The Brit original? Brilliant. The American remake?  Apparently saved by some major re-casting now on display in the first released clip. I’m not so big on the guy playing Sam, but Keitel looks perfect.

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