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SciFi Power Ranking – September 15, 2008

Robotically-enhanced superheroes! Time traveling! White-man afros! Another week has come and gone and it’s been a busy one in the world of scifi, with a fistful of news coming out of the just-completed Toronto International Film Festival and the new television season starting off with a bang. Onwards to the first Dark Knight-free Power Ranking in a loooooong time!

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 iron_man_75.jpg Iron Man 2
The first one was the surprise hit of the summer and director Jon Favreau hasn’t been shy about his plans for the sequel. IMAX 3D! Mandarin! War Machine! Bring it!
2 7 fringe.jpg Fringe
How long ago was it that The Hollywood Reporter predicted Fringe would be the hit of the season? Well, they all win a cookie, they were right. Nine million viewers can’t be wrong.
3 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Doctor Who
The small screen icon moving to the big screen? Looks like it … and rumblings are Catherine Zeta-Jones will be accompanying the good Doctor in his little blue box.
4 8 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
Oh, Joss, you told us the rewritten pilot wasn’t bad news and we believed you. Now you’re telling us that stalling production so you can catch up on your writing isn’t bad news, either. I’m trying to roll with you on this but it’s getting harder to swallow.
5 avatar75.jpg Avatar
James Cameron doesn’t make small films so it’s saying something that his return to scifi is supposedly his biggest yet  And on a film this big, a leaked set photo is a big, big deal. Let the dissection begin…
6 americanhero75.jpg The Greatest American Hero
Memo to Stephen Cannell: Mess with the fro and I’m going to smack you. The man with the alien suit is coming to the big screen, which means I’ll no longer feel quite so silly when I spontaneously break out into the theme song.
7 menwhostare75.jpg The Men Who Stare at Goats
Not really scifi, but if we can’t talk about the US government training ‘psychic soldiers’ to kill goats with their minds, then life just isn’t worth it. The source book is bizarre and brilliant and the cast for the film version is shaping up rather nicely.
8 blindness75.jpg Blindness
They hated it in Cannes so they changed it for Toronto and word is medical apocalypse flick Blindness is worlds better now. Disappointment just changed to anticipation.
9 robo.jpg Robocop
What do you do when your current film is the hit of a major festival? If you’re Darren Aronofsky you mess with the press’ collective head about your next one. Nothing gets people talking better than non-news …
10 ostrov.jpg Inhabited Island
It’s a huge budget Russian scifi flick; the story’s from the guys who wrote the classic Stalker; and it stars a guy who could play The Greatest American Hero — if only he weren’t Russian. And the new trailer is turnin’ heads.

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