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SciFi Power Ranking – September 1, 2008

Man, it’s a tough week for the Power Rankings, not because people aren’t talking scifi out there but because the biggest news is a flop supplemented by manufactured marketing buzz for TV’s upcoming Fall season.  And speaking of TV, get ready to look to the small screen for your scifi fix ’cause the end of summer essentially means the end of big screen scifi for the next several months …

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 5 babylonAD.jpg Babylon AD
What the F? What’s a movie with horrible press and lousy box office doing atop the chart? Well the director’s rant against his own film has gotten people chattering and whether for good reasons or bad Babylon AD is the most talked about film this week.
2 StarTrek75.jpg Star Trek
Ah, there’s life in these old bones yet. Anticipation is high for the new JJ Abrams Trek flick–the first time you’ve been able to say that for a good while–as consummate fanboy Kevin Smith says it’s good
3 Voltron75.jpg Voltron
It’s one of the biggest anime series ever and it’s coming to the big screen. Yippee! Max Makowski ( One Last Dance ) is a middling director in my book but the nostalgia factor for this is HUGE.
4 fringe.jpg Fringe
Hey, JJ!  Two for two!  You win this week! Star interviews, budget breakdowns, and the occasional spoiler or two are enough to ensure Fringe stays on every scifi geek’s radar.
5 Astroboy.jpg Astro Boy
The little robot boy is back on the list!  Putting him there?  New images and the addition of Kirsten Bell to the voice cast.  Like with Voltron the nostalgia factor here is massive…if a little less so.
6 heroeslogo_tn.jpg Heroes
Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.  Ain’t nothing better to get people gabbing. And after the Writers’ Strike did bad things to season two, it’s a good thing indeed to see expectations are escalating this time around.
7  –  caprica.jpg Battlestar Galactica
Okay, if there’s anything besides spoilers to get people blogging (if less so), it’s speculation, and Edward James Olmos is doing his part to stoke those fires. We say: Just show us who the last Cylon is, already!
8  1  Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
After the lawsuit drama of last week, everybody in Watchmen-land is taking a little breather except in South America where a series of character-inspired magazine covers have surfaced. Now that’s devotion.
9 3 darkknight.jpg The Dark Knight
The end may be nigh for The Dark Knight but with this Batman movie now edging up on a global take of nine hundred million dollars, you can’t quite kick it off this list.
10 LegendOfTheSeeker75.jpg Legend of the Seeker
Sam Raimi’s return to syndicated television has received little attention. The first shot from Legend of the Seeker may change that.  Hey, people! XenaHercules! Two of the most successful syndicated shows ever!  The producer’s back!  Pay attention!

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