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Horror Power Ranking – September 29, 2008

Halloween ensures that October always kicks horror into overdrive. Until then, one old favorite (Trick ‘r Treat) moves up a few notches on the Power Ranking, while the DVD release of Pathology ignites interest in a lovable flop largely ignored in theaters. Fear(s) of the Dark holds strong in the top slot, but can it stay there forever, with movies like American Psycho: The Musical coming down the pipeline?

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 fearsofthedark-75x75.jpg Fear(s) of the Dark
It’s rare that a movie stays at number one for two weeks in a row, but the images from the trailer for this fright flick have stayed in my mind and probably won’t be fading any time soon.
2 americanpsycho-75x75.jpg American Psycho: The Musical
Are you ready for a singing, dancing Patrick Bateman? I sure am. With potential songs like “I Want Your Head on a Platter” and “That’s Bone (Waltz of the Business Cards),” this one has camp classic written all over it.
3 5 pathology.jpg Pathology
Reader Jack-O-Sux (love the name) writes that Pathology has “too many gratuitous sex scenes.” Huh? Horror and gratuitous sex are like peanut butter and jelly. The ranking for Pathology moves up two notches just to underscore that.
4 7 trickrtreat-75x75.jpg Trick ‘r Treat
With Trick ‘r Treat anchoring next month’s ScreamFest and the NYC screening sold out, clearly a lot of genre fans want to see this one. Come on, somebody: Pick up this movie and get rich quick. We’ll move it up the Power Ranking if you do.
5 Kevin-Smith-75x75.jpg Red State
Kevin Smith has been making the rounds for his not-yet-filmed fright flick Red State, saying that it won’t feel like a Kevin Smith movie and that, in fact, there aren’t any laughs, just scares. Hey, if it’s as frightening as Dogma, we’re in.
6 3 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
Is anyone actually excited for the new Saw? Sure, it’ll rake in megabucks over Halloween, but unless they figure out a convincing way to bring Tobin Bell back to life, this may be the franchise’s last hurrah.
7 burrowers-75x75.jpg The Burrowers
We all have our irrational phobias. For some folks, it’s zombies. For others, it’s killer dolls. For me, it’s things scurrying underground. So while The Burrowers may have received a positive advance review, I don’t know that I’ll see it.
8 i_am_legend_will_smith-75x75.jpg I Am Legend
The flashbacks in the first half of I Am Legend were excellent counterpoints to the quieter scenes. But what if there were a version made entirely of flashbacks? Great idea, right? Well, get ready, because the prequel is coming. Sigh.
9 8 quarantine-75x75.jpg Quarantine
I know this is an argument against many remakes, but if you’re going to redo a chiller thriller, steer clear of the critically acclaimed foreign hits already viewed by your niche audience. Just a thought inspired by The Eye.
10 10 twilight.jpg Twilight
There’s always something going on with Twilight: Lately, it’s tours of the town that’s featured in the book. Until the movie comes out, you can pretty much consider Twilight a permanent part of the Power Ranking. Yes, it’s that big of a deal.
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