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Horror Power Ranking – September 22, 2008

All right, what’s going on here? I head out of town for two weeks, and not only does the usually reliable Nick Nadel add a pair of comedies to the list (Ghostbusters 3 and Ghost Town); he took Twilight off the rankings!

Is everybody OK? How did you deal with the searing trauma of not having your least favorite Day-pire rom-com-thriller inexplicably on a Horror Rankings week after week? I mean, I guess we can keep it off for a little bit now — there are plenty of new things to take its place — but… watch out, Nick, those Twilight fans can be murderous.

Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 fearsofthedark-75x75.jpg Fear(s) of the Dark
You may never heard of this movie, but one viewing of the trailer will make you realize why it has rocketed to number one. Stunning animation, real horror, and producer Guillermo del Toro make this a must see.
2 mirrors-75x75.jpg Mirrors
In France, I was completely bowled over by their excellent version of the Mirrors poster. You know, one that features a mirror in it, rather than just text and a barely recognizable face? I’m hoping overseas audiences discover Aja’s flick.
3 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
If it’s a month away from Halloween, it must be time for Saw fever to start hitting. Though nowhere near as exciting as number one (or two for that matter), Saw still manages to be a viable franchise, five movies in.
4 5 feast2_75.jpeg Feast 2
I don’t think Nick emphasized how great it is last week that John Gulager is actually getting to make a second movie. After Project Greenlight failed, most of their pix have, too, with the exception of the Feast team. I hope they all have long careers.
5 pathology.jpg Pathology
Though this movie isn’t what you would conventionally call “good,” it does have Milo Ventimiglia trying to break out of his Heroes persona. Now that it’s coming out on DVD, maybe give it a second chance?
6 8 ghost_town_75.jpg Ghost Town
I complained earlier about Nick inserting comedies into our Horror Rankings. But having talked to a friend who worked on the Ghost Town, and as I have another friend prominently featured in the marketing, I’m actually bumping it up two slots.
7 trickrtreat-75x75.jpg Trick R’ Treat
Not only is this movie shown one night in NYC. Not only is it being shown at Fantastic Fest. But also… Well, actually, that’s it so far. Wouldn’t it be nice to release a movie about Halloween around, you know, Halloween?
8 quarantine-75x75.jpg Quarantine
This remake of Spanish horror flick [REC] is hitting in a few short weeks with less fanfare than Trick R’ Treat, if that’s at all possible. The good news is, rap superstar T.I. is in it, so we’re sure to get a great end credits song.
9 3 Ghostbusters-75.jpg Ghostbusters 3
Repeat after me: Never going to happen. You’re getting a video game, which is as close as you’ll get to a Ghostbusters 3. And even if it did happen? You’re not going to like it. What’s the last good thing Dan Akroyd did?
10 twilight.jpg Twilight
Ha, ha! Tricked you! I said I wasn’t going to put Twilight on, and then I did. But let’s be honest: Twilight is everywhere, from ads, to profiles, to yes, the Horror Rankings. It’s Twilight‘s world — we just live in it.
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