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Horror Power Ranking – September 1, 2008

Stop griping about how there’s nothing new to see between summer’s popcorn horror and pre-Halloween’s horror bounty. We’ve got great news about long-in-limbo Trick ‘R’ Treat, the world’s stuffiest Wolfman, and, as always, Twilight. Without further ado, this week’s Power Rankings:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 trickrtreat-75x75.jpg Trick ‘r’ Treat
For the past three years. It’s been stuck on the shelf, but this highly anticipated fright flick is finally going to get a screening, albeit only in NYC. Can a nationwide release be far off?
2 wolfman-75x75.jpg The Wolfman
We didn’t rank this pic before because a Gothic costume drama about the Wolfman just sounded too highbrow. Then we found out that Danny Elfman is providing the score. Suddenly, artsy sounds cool.
3 6 fridaythe13th.jpg Friday the 13th
A steady stream of pictures, features, and positive buzz make this seem like it might be an actual film, not just a stunt. I’m still hesitant, but bloody fingers are crossed.
4 9 twilight.jpg Twilight
Oh yeah… Twilight fever has infected Monsterfest, and I can’t help but feel like, in some way, I helped spread the virus. Read Scott Sigler’s whole column about girly vampire films and stop fighting the twilit tide.
5 strangers-75x75.jpg The Strangers 2
The sequel better known as Strangerier is going forward, with writer-director Bryan Bertino and Liv Tyler. But what are they going to do? Hold Tyler hostage in a smaller house?
6 3 mirrors-75x75.jpg Mirrors
You know, it’s weird, but I’m beginning to feel like, maybe Mirrors mania isn’t sweeping the nation. I already reserved a space for Mirrors-Con ’09, so I’m hoping it catches on, but I don’t know…
7 dracula-75x75.jpg Dracula: Year Zero
Part of me is bored with an origin story for Dracula. Part of me is excited by Alex Proyas writing and directing it. But without Danny Elfman doing the score, I’m more bored than excited.
8 4 midnight-meat-train.jpg Midnight Meat Train
It’s hard to get hyper-enthused about more than one underserved horror movie at a time and for the moment, Trick ‘r’ Treat has snagged our attention. If you haven’t seen MMT in a theater, shame on you.
9 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
Saw V has a new poster. Congratulations, Saw V.
10 mnight-75x75.jpg The Happening
How did M. Night Shyamalan’s latest flop resurface? Well, the movie’s star Mark Wahlberg is crediting the director with giving the director with giving him the worst advice of his career.
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