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Daily Scan: 09.30.08 – BSG Dumps Old Earth; the Graves of SciFi Authors


• SciFi Standpoint has a list of the top five imaginary literary works from science fiction. Where’s Necronomicon?

Star Trek‘s writers name their favorite episodes.

• The BSG finale sounds pretty bad: “The ‘Earth’ found in the mid-season finale is actually what the writers called ‘Earth 1,'” a source told SyFy Portal. “A catastrophic event happened that destroyed the planet, but the people of this Earth actually fled to a new home world, also called Earth, the planet where all of us viewers are now standing.”

• A wonderful gallery of the graves of dead sci-fi authors.

• A surprisingly entertaining mash-up of G.I. Joe and The Venture Bros.

• io9 lists five easy steps to save Heroes. Why bother?

• Bill Murray seems pretty psyched about the prospect of Ghostbusters 3.

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