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Daily Scan: 09.25.08 – Warners Loses Its Hari Puttar Lawsuit; What Killed Thomas Disch


• io9 interviews Diane Duane about her old Star Trek novels.

• The new Farscape comic is coming out in November. I’m tangentially excited: I’m still a huge Farscape fan, but this series will continue the movie’s plot, and the movie was… uh… not good.

• Warner Bros. overzealous lawsuit against Bollywood’s Hari Puttar has not gone well.

• Russel T. Davies has written a book in which he happens to mention that George Lucas wanted him to write for The Clone Wars, but he said no. That’s a shame: they’re both awful.

• Who killed Thomas Disch?

• Transformer robots wonderfully stop-motion-animated by parked cars.

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