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Daily Scan: 09.17.08 – The Weakest SciFi Deaths, George Takei Ties the Knot


• In an act of plausibly deniable Sarah Palin criticism, Fantasy and Science Fiction has posted their 1994 story about a completely messed up Alaska after pollution and genetic engineering have gone awry.

• SF Signal’s understandably passionate but somewhat unsettling ode to Summer Glau has been turned into a song.

• Congratulations to George Takei for finally tying the knot to his long-time partner! You’ve still got my heart and parts beyond, George!

• Robert Orci says that Star Trek XI is almost finished. Great! Only six months of post-production to wait through then.

• io9 lists the twelve weakest deaths in scifi history. Kirk is certainly a good choice for number one.

• The Hubble telescope has spotted an object in space that is an entirely new (and mysterious) class of object. Astronomers are puzzled. Exciting!

• Apparently, Kirk will have an abusive, alcoholic uncle in Star Trek XI. Why is that necessary? Must every tedious melodramatic trope be dusted off?

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