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Daily Scan: 09.16.08 – The Best Non-Human Presidents, Details About Iron Man‘s Sequels


• Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse has already shut down production, ostensibly so Joss Whedon himself has time to “tweak” the scripts. Fans are already worried about the inevitable Foxing.

• Jon Favreau spills some details about his Iron Man sequels: Tony as an alcoholic, War Machine steps up.

• io9 lists some of the best scifi, non-human presidents.

• Joseph Gorden Levitt says he’s not yet signed for Ruairi Robinson’s remake of Akira. Let’s hope he does get involved: He’s perfect for an Anglo-Saxon Tetsuo.

• How would the US Army fight a Zombie Attack?

• Another io9 goodies: The best skin melting in science fiction.

• Serh McFarlane’s Family Guy will spoof Empire Strikes Back in coming months.

• A hideous bronze Darth Vader statue for only $18k? Sold!

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