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Daily Scan: 09.15.08 – Spaceballs Animated, Details About The Thing Remake


• You absolutely must visit the Concept Ships Website. You must!

• New York City genre editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden has suffered a minor heart attack. She’s a colleague of mine at Boing Boing, and a stand-up, super, fiery gal, so let’s all leave our well wishes.

• David Foster Wallace, who wrote Infinite Jest (one of the finest scifi novels of the ’90s) has committed suicide.

• io9 thinks Spider-Man 4 should be modeled after Spidey and his Amazing Friends.

• No. I deny you. Spaceballs: The Animated Series. It looks terrible.

• Latino Review has all available details about the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 The Thing.

• Camel toe and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Together at last.

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