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Daily Scan: 09.09.08 – Neverwhere Available for Free Online, Marshal Law Comic to Be Resurrected


• SF Signal hosts a Star Wars video game retrospective,

• Uh, guys, this is a bad idea: Tim Kring says that Sylar might turn good in Heroes Season 3.

• Want to read Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere for free? It’s now available in PDF form on the official website.

• Courtesy of the illustrious Jason Kottke, an incredible graph of the ways Star Wars changed the world.

• One of my favorite old British comics, Marshal Law, is being resurrected.

• What exactly is the best way to serve an alien? Alien ragout? Blue Stroganoff? Stuffed Grey? Mixed Alien Gumbo? How to Cook an Alien.

• Mark Bryan does many fine paintings of cheerful, colorful robots.

• You too can own a shirt charting the many evolutionary stages of the AT-AT.

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