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Daily Scan: 09.08.08 – Ray Bradbury on Public Libraries, Possible End of Universe Scenarios

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• Will Wright’s protozoa-to-galactic-civilization sim, Spore, has finally been released, but JP over at SF Signal has some rebellious thoughts about the way it’s been protected.

• The greatest gaggle of vintage superhero papercraft you ever will see. Dig that monochrome Batman! And it all appears to be done by comics genius Chris Ware

• Ray Bradbury and the state of the American public library. Heady reading: We shouldn’t forget the importance of libraries in the generation.

Star Wars mashed up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon = I’ll Never Join The Dark Side of the Moon. My new wallpaper!

• The Ghostbusters video game is wagging the dog on a real Ghostbusters 3 sequel… written by the minds behind The Office! Bill Murray’s even willing to return “in some capacity.” And hell, we know Ernie Hudson’s free.

• According to Hollywood Daily, Sam Raimi and Tobey Macguire are locked for Spider-Man 4 and will possibly shoot 5 at the same time. I dunno, the third really killed my buzz for these, and The Dark Knight made the whole trilogy look positively bereft of creativity, talent or imagination.

• io9 lists possible end of universe scenarios. I’m not particularly concerned.

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