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Daily Scan: 09.04.08 – What to Wear in Space, RIP Don LaFontaine


• Back in 1953, Seventeen Magazine said women could be the first into space and told them what to wear!

• io9 goes through the final draft of Incredible Hulk and identifies the missing scenes, opining on why they might have been cut.

• In a world where every obituary about Don LaFontaine starts with “In a world…”, legendary voice over artist Don LaFontaine is dead.

• Hey! Why not build your own steampunk lightsaber? You know you want to!

• For one truly master of the force, the Pythagorean Theorem is child’s play.

• The most insanely overdetailed write-up of The Prisoner’s surrealist intro you’ll ever read.

• Daniel Deutsch builds another fine Star Wars creation… this time, a genuine reproduction Landspeeder capable of going up to 25 mph!

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