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Daily Scan: 09.02.08 – Bradbury Story Extends Run Onstage, a Star Wars Novel

helvrobot.jpg• Thomas Dekker, star of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, is shocked — shocked, I say — at a major major character death in season 2.

• Who knew? One of my favorite Ray Bradbury Stories, There Will Be Soft Rains, has a play.

• There’s looking to be a lot more evidence that Star Trek XI will create a divergent timeline instead of rebooting altogether.

• SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: Given that Star Wars has sucked for almost a decade, is there a future? My answer, unsolicited: Not until Lucas croaks.

• On that note, EU novelist Sean Williams talks about the pressure and praise of releasing a Star Wars novel.

• The most gorgeous Helvetica robot t-shirt you’ll ever see.

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