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SciFi Power Ranking – August 25, 2008

The big news this week was bad. As in bad, bad. As in triggering fits of hyperventilating panic in legions of anxious fans around the globe bad. As in Fox has successfully sued Warner Bros. over Watchmen since it turns out Warners doesn’t actually own the title as they thought they did. Whoopsie. In the real — i.e. far away from fan forums — world, this isn’t all that horrible: Warners will pay Fox a cut and everyone will get on their merry way, but man did it ever get people worked up for a while …

And with that news, an embarrassment of riches in the Power Rankings this week with so many other announcements bouncing the likes of Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams and Ronald Moore right off the list…

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 3 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
Does it need restating? Successful lawsuit, court injunctions, Fox asking fans not to hate them… it’s been an eventful week in Watchmen-land. 
2 the-hobbit-75.jpg The Hobbit
The writer search for The Hobbit has been called off with Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Toro and the rest of the team opting to write the thing themselves. Sometimes the obvious choice is the best one.
3 2 darkknight.jpg The Dark Knight
Yep, it’s definitely winding down now, but there’s a fighting chance that Bats will roll past the five hundred million mark over the coming weekend and that’s nothing to sneeze at. 
4 –  sleeper75.jpg Sleeper
Darkman? Kind of scifi. Spiderman? Scifi based superhero. Now Sleeper? Purest scifi to yet cross the desk of director Sam Raimi. It’s got a superhero element, it’s got alien artifacts, it’s got Tom Cruise (who is kind of an alien artifact himself), and it’s got the biggest geek-director on this continent. Yow.
5 –  babylonAD.jpg Babylon AD
Fox can’t be happy about how little attention Babylon AD had been getting leading up to its release, but people are finally talking about it. It’s the last significant scifi release until Blindness arrives in October so get your fix now.
6 8 KickAss75.jpg Kick-Ass
I have very little faith in director Matthew Vaughn but he’s assembling a cast for Kick-Ass that’s pretty hard to ignore. Nic Cage has just joined McLovin in the ensemble and now Vaughn just has to hope he gets the good Cage ’cause the bad one’s horrible.
7  1  starwarscgi.jpg Clone Wars
George, you’ve lost your golden touch. Sure, any theatrical money is gravy for a project made and paid for as a TV show, but still… the poor box office has got to be a blow to the ego. Down you go from first to seventh.
8  –  superman75.jpg Superman
Bryan Singer, Superman Returns is now officially a failure. What’s Warner Bros. doing with their Dark Knight money other than rolling around in it naked?  Rebooting Supes, that’s what. 
9 hoag75.jpg The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
Yeah, I Robot was just OK and Knowing doesn’t inspire confidence so far, but Heinlein’s Jonathan Hoag should fall right into director Alex Proyas’ sweet spot. Some Heinlein done right would be nice.
10  –  terminator.robot.jpg Terminator Salvation
Ah, nothing like a bit of non-news to get your movie back into the headlines, right McG? Will Arnold be in the movie? Will his voice? Stir that pot, man! Stir it!

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