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SciFi Power Ranking – August 18, 2008

Hey! No jail time for Christian Bale! To celebrate, The Dark Knight went out and earned more buckets of money. Beyond Bale, it’s been a fairly quiet week in the scifi universe: With the summer movie season winding down and television in a holding pattern before the start of the fall season, it’s like the entire scene is taking a collective deep breath and/or a nap in preparation for the next big wave.  Not all is quiet, however…

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 2 starwarscgi.jpg Clone Wars
Sure, most people seem to hate it but absolutely everybody is talking it and you know what they say about all press being good press. Lucas’ creations have proven to be remarkably critic proof in the past, so expect this to ride high for a while, at least.
2 1 darkknight.jpg The Dark Knight
The big news around The Dark Knight is that plans for a Christmas DVD release will likely scuttle its chances of breaking the $600 million threshold. Things are definitely winding down for Bats now, but what an incredible run it’s been.
3 3 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
The anticipation for Zack Snyder’s Watchmen just continues to build, with a new block of images stoking the fires this week. Warner’s handling of this film should be used in marketing textbooks of the future; their manipulation of the fan base has been genius…
4 –  coraline75.jpg Coraline
It’s been a long time coming for Henry Selick’s adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story. It’s too early to know how young audiences will respond, but the two are giants in their fields and the first significant footage already has fans drooling.
5 –  fringe.jpg Fringe
In the battle for buzz, Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse has been handing it to JJ Abrams’ Fringe so far, but this week Abrams fired back by finally releasing some new images to get people talking. It worked.
6 heroeslogo_tn.jpg Heroes
Also getting people chatting in TV-land? Heroes has  cast Seth Green to basically play himself — i.e. a great big geek. That’s a good move in my book, and thus, worthy of attention here.
7  –  InvisibleMan75.jpg Invisible Man
The most recent attempts at The Invisible Man have been absolutely atrocious but what’s not to love about an invisible, steampunk, secret agent as written by David Goyer? Nothing, really. Cue excitement.
8  –  KickAss75.jpg Kick Ass
OK, Mathew Vaughn, it’s time to make good: The Stardust director has announced an adaptation of Mark Millar’s ultraviolent comic Kick Ass as his next project. I’ve got next to no faith in Vaughn, but the casting of McLovin is intriguing.
9 TokyoGorePolice75.jpg Tokyo Gore Police
Don’t even think about watching this if you’re at work.  The trailers for Japanese ultra-splatter mutant battler Tokyo Gore Police have been generating chatter for months now and the latest version is no different. But what’s sickening to some, is giddy fun for others…
10  –  MummyEmperor75.jpg The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
It couldn’t crack the Power Ranking on its initial release but like I said, it’s been a slow week. The latest Mummy flick is holding on enough at the box office to bring up the rear this week.

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