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SciFi Power Ranking – August 4, 2008

Can anything stop The Dark Knight? Short answer: No. Not for a while anyway, with only The Clone Wars having a shot at capturing The Dark Knight‘s core audience. How dominant is this thing? Not only did The Dark Knight smash box office records — it crossed the $300 mil mark faster than any other movie —  beating Titanic‘s haul is a legitimate possibility.

So with DC’s bat and Marvel’s metal guy dominating the summer box office is it any surprise that more superhero films are coming down the line? OK, a couple of them are arguably villain films, but don’t expect any spandex vendors to be going out of business any time soon…

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 darkknight.jpg The Dark Knight
Like there could be any doubt at what would top this week’s list: The Dark Knight has proven to be the summer’s unstoppable juggernaut. And its massive success restores my faith in the viewing public to recognize quality.
2 2 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
If this is anything less than brilliant, the fans are going to be furious. But if brilliance is attained, we’re talking a massive cult hit that just may pass into the mainstream. You can’t visit any major film site right now without tripping over Watchmen talk.
3 venom.jpg Venom
You had to know it was coming and — hey, looky — you were right!  Would’ve been nice, though, if Sony could’ve announced the film without setting off a firestorm by backhanding original actor Topher Grace.
4 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
Sure, sure, J.J. Abram’s Fringe was The Hollywood Reporter’s pick as the big TV hit of the coming season, but it’s Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse that everybody’s talking about. Don’t mess with Buffy fans, J.J., they’ll mess you up.
5 –  foundation75.jpg Foundation
Sigh. When will the world see a good Isaac Asimov film? The betting money is not on the just announced Foundation. Such a brilliant book, please don’t go the I, Robot route on this. Please?
6 neuromancer-poster.jpg Neuromancer
Sigh. When will the world see a good William Gibson film? The betting money is not on the upcoming Neuromancer. Such a brilliant book, please don’t go the Johnny Mnemonic route on this. Please? Nice poster, though.
7  –  starwarscgi.jpg Clone Wars
The next big scifi film to hit screens comes out of the massive Star Wars franchise and however you may feel about what George Lucas did to your childhoodStar Wars still has oomph.
8  –  wolverine.jpg Wolverine
Is he a hero? Is he a villain? Who cares, he’s got great big claws and a film to call his own. Can’t say I’m thrilled that the seem to have taken away his Canuck roots, though… don’t make us start pelting you lot with poutine.
9 life-on-mars.jpg Life on Mars
The up and down life of an American remake of a brilliant UK show: Original is fantastic. Remake pilot gets ripped. Actors fired right, left and center. Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol and Harvey Keitel added to cast. I’m so sold on this now that it’s just not funny.
10  –  gatchaman.jpg Gatchaman
Whether you know it as Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets or G-Force, a classic is a classic and fans are juiced about the new artwork from the upcoming feature version.

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