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Site of the Week – Reel Life Wisdom


Doug Manning hates exercising. “I tolerate a treadmill workout each morning by watching movies,” he says. It was during one of those workouts that he got the idea for Reel Life Wisdom, a website that provides meaningful movie quotes to help people improve their lives. Manning wants you to put yourself in the director’s chair. “The site reminds people that we are each the author, star and director of our own life’s movie,” he says. “Our own life story is as interesting and rewarding as we make it.”

Since Manning supplies the quotes, most of them come from films he
watches while he’s on the treadmill. “Over the past couple of years, I
have become a bit thinner while the website has fattened up to over
1700 quotes,” he jokes. What makes a good quote? Ones that are
inspiring, though-provoking or funny and ones that relate to the
self-management themes on the site. And he says, “they don’t always
come from great movies.” One of his favorites from last year — “You
can lose lots of money chasing women, but you will never lose women by
chasing money” — came from I Think I Love My Wife, “one of the worst films of 2007” he says.

also includes a blog with quote lists that relate to a current pop
culture theme. “Obviously, recent blog lists have featured quotes about
the Olympics and China,” he says. The most visited blog page (in the
last 12 months) is “The 19 Best Quotes for Your High School Reunion,”
the most popular actor page belongs to Will Ferrell, and the most
popular movie page features quotes from, appropriately enough, The Bucket List .

is no stranger to helping others. “I discovered this passion when I was
a counselor in the Central Okanagan School District,” he says. For the
past 15 years the Canadian has traveled all over the country trying to
help people to see themselves as the author of their own existence.
“When a movie inspires me, it is because someone took charge of the
film and brought a harmony to all its moving parts,” he explains. “This
is an amazing achievement. When someone creates a great life — it is
also an amazing achievement, one the author/director/star can look back
at near the end of their own life story and say, ‘Wow, that was a great

“All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” – Steve Martin, Grand Canyon .

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