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Disaster Movie Review – As Funny As Amy Winehouse With Saberteeth

Disaster Movie Review – As Funny As Amy Winehouse With Saberteeth” width=”560″/>

Alright, I have to admit: Disaster Movie wasn’t offensively bad. It didn’t actually anger me. When the credits finally began to roll, my first thought was “Hmm. Well, that wasn’t nearly as scatological as I thought it’d be.” Whether that’s a check mark in the pro or con column, dear reader, is for you to decide. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer’s plot, as such, is…err, what’s thinner than wafer-thin? A bunch of asteroids hit Earth, a tornado hits, an earthquake hits, and Will (Matt Lanter) has to go get his girlfriend (Vanessa Minnillo), who’s across town at the Natural History Museum. And…that’s it. See, Disaster Movie isn’t so much a movie as it is a video crazy quilt; the filmmakers have simply set out to stitch together as many pop culture references as possible in an hour and a half. It’s like a year-in-review clip show from an entertainment show, but “funny”.

Let me justify the quotes I used right there.

The film opens with a riff on 10,000 BC (cleverly cited as 10,001 BC- see how they did that? How they added a year? Oh, my sides!): A dreadlocked handsome caveman is running from some beast, which emerges from the bushes and…it’s Amy Winehouse! With saberteeth! That’s the joke. I guess it was, anyway. I wasn’t laughing, although someone else in the theater was, so maybe I’m the one who’s out of

You’ll be out of touch, too, unless you keep up-to-date on all the latest celeb news from every possible source- and by “up-to-date” I mean you’d better be in the loop on what happened last week. Actually, make that what happened a mere five minutes ago: Disaster Movie has a shorter shelf life than your average gallon of milk. Jokes at the expense of Hollywood’s touchstones are nothing new; I remember the occasional Bing Crosby joke going over my head when I’d watch Looney Tunes as a kid. Then again, I was watching cartoons that were more than 40 years old and enjoying the hell out of them. When a comedy
consists exclusively of the right now — the number of guffaws dependent on celebrity impersonation is astonishing — then there’s no bigger picture to enjoy. It’s disposable filmmaking. If anything, Disaster Movie feels like a never-ending string of sketches from a late-night comedy show. Friedberg and Seltzer (who double as directors) seem to think having “Dr Phil” at a party is a hilarious
enough concept to stand on its own. The best performances come courtesy of late-night comedy actors: Ike Barinholtz, Nicole Parker, and Crista Flanagan of Mad TV all tackle multiple roles enthusiastically. I kept thinking about how much I like the three of them from their Mad TV days, and I just wanted to hug all of them, to pat them all on the back and let them know that they’re better than this black hole that sucks all the funny out of the world and kills the laughter of children everywhere.

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