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Daily Scan: 08.28.08 – Kristen Bell to Lend Her Voice to Astro Boy, a List of Lamented Uncollected Comics


• The lovely Kirsten Bell will lend her voice to the animated Astro Boy

The Washington Post gives us a cohesive history of the graphic novel.

• Han Solo… frozen in Cake-onite! I certainly hope that is an ice cream cake.

• Geeks of Doom looks at the animated Buffy series that never was, and even has a five minute video clip of the pilot.

• Forbidden Planet has a list of “uncollected” comics: Treasured books sold, then lamented.

• Do you think you have what it takes to make an Mystery Science Theater 3K style RiffTrax? Submit your own, become a pro.

• Oh man. Star Warscorpse droid just looks awesome.

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