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Daily Scan: 08.11.08 – Ideas for Possible Batman Villains, an Online Comic for Firefly


Star Trek XI gets a few more posters. Bizarrely, I don’t recognize anyone in them.

• io9 has some great ideas for the villain for the third Batman movie. Hugo Strange? Frack yeah!

The Shining… with WowWeee robots.

• SciFi Channel has picked up rights to the Phantom. As long as they make him thoroughly scifi, I’m game.

Firefly is back.. with a free online comic!

• Early Joker concept art for The Dark Knight is incredibly creepy.

• Topless Robot lists the eight worst things about the Star Wars expanded universe. The first four are debatable. The last? Yes, abominations.

• Sony is doing a new Flash Gordon movie. Just don’t make the same mistakes as the SciFi Channel.

• When it comes out in theaters, Star Wars: The Clone Wars won’t have the famous opening crawl. lolwut?

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