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Daily Scan: 08.01.08 – Venom Film Moving Forward

• SF Signal points out this short —  28 Days Later meets Lord of the Flies.

• Sam Raimi to do a superhero series with Disney called The Transplants.

• A Venom film is moving forward, despite Spider-Man 3‘s execrable take on the character.

Moffat on his upcoming Doctor Who run: “We’re not in the business of being nostalgic, we’re making nostalgia for the future, new monsters, new friends. Doctor Who is at its best when it’s brand new and you’ve always got to remember that there’s a new bunch of eight-year-olds watching every year and it has to be original – it has to belong to them.”

• Classic authors speak on the value of science fiction.

• Isaac Asimov’s Foundation may be coming to the silver screen. This won’t work as a film at all: At minimum, it needs to be a television series.

• Rocking: The sci-fi mix-tape of doom.

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