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Before They Divorced, Cruise and Kidman Almost Accepted an Indecent Proposal

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Indecent Proposal will forever be remembered as the movie where Robert Redford offered Woody Harrelson a million bucks for one night with Demi Moore. But it turns out Moore and Harrelson weren’t the only actors offered director Adrian Lyne’s ( Unfaithful , Fatal Attraction) “indecent” proposal. His original casting choices were Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as the couple, with Warren Beatty as the intruding millionaire.

Hot off their onscreen pairings in Days of Thunder and Far and Away , Indecent Proposal
was at one time a potential vehicle for the couple; the part was said
to have been written with Kidman in mind. Notorious womanizer Beatty
was the first choice for the role that ultimately went to Robert
Redford, but one can only imagine the sparks that would have flown from a
Cruise/Kidman/Beatty pairing. Reteamed with Sherry Lansing, his Fatal Attraction producer, Lyne would certainly have caused an even greater stir with Proposal had it starred Hollywood’s then-most famous married couple.

Unfortunately Cruise and Kidman ultimately passed, and Indecent Proposal
languished in development. Potential cast memebers came and went:
Julia Roberts turned down the female lead; Halle Berry has said she was not even considered as an option.
Both John Cusack and Charlie Sheen passed on the hapless husband
role, which was at one time also offered to Johnny Depp and Tim
Robbins. In time, Warren Beatty eventually dropped out as well. The film still
managed to grab the the public’s fancy for a brief period in 1993, but it’s fun
to imagine what could have been — and the look on “serious” Tom’s face
upon hearing Beatty’s offer.

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