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Site of the Week – The Terminator Files


If you thought Terminator fandom was purely an American phenomenon, then you would be very wrong. One of the most comprehensive sites out there for the iconic franchise is run by two guys from the Netherlands (Eindhoven, to be exact). Vic van der Put and Maurice Huijs run The Terminator Files, which van der Put launched, in its first incarnation, back in 1999. The goal is to “collect all the info on any- and everything Terminator-related. We want to be an online encyclopedia, so to speak, but only related to the facts,” says van der Put, a web designer by day who admits that he “lives and breathes The Terminator,” spending countless hours each day working on the website, building out the content, contacting dealers and so forth.

The site — which has a countdown on its home page to the release of the as-yet-unnamed Terminator 4
film (298 days, 6 hours, 49 minutes, as of this writing) — proclaims
it’s “by the fans… for the fans!” Most of the content is sent in by
fans, “who want to contribute to make the site bigger and better, or
even badder,” according to van der Put, a self-confessed scifi “nut,”
who began his journey with the original Battlestar Galactica television series. But it was the Terminator films that captured his imagination. “The Terminator was more down-to-earth, more life-like,” he says. “The Terminator movies are about a real everyday world infested by machines that are out to kill all humans. And, most importantly, a Terminator infiltration unit has got to be the most original thing I’ve ever seen.”

The image and video galleries plus the news sections are the site’s
most popular offerings, and van der Put’s future plans include adding a
database of collectibles and a feature called the Terminator Universe (a comprehensive guide to the machines, vehicles, clothing, weapons and the like). Rumors surrounding next year’s Terminator 4
are also keeping the website popular (it averages three million to four
million hits a month). van der Put, who is “game for any continuation
of the saga,” thinks it “will be a great movie, since it is finally
going to portray the world we Terminator fans would love to see: The SkyNet-infested future.”

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