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SciFi Power Ranking – July 7, 2008

Holiday weekends may mean a whole lot of lying around and doing nothing, but the scifi world has been humming nonetheless. First, a fond farewell to character actor Don Davis, who passed away this week. The man has been a staple of the scifi world for decades now, most recently occupying a key role on Stargate, but he’ll always be the major on Twin Peaks to me.

Next, a pair of superhero related notes. What’s the general feeling about The Dark Knight out there? Adolescent wish fulfillment with lots of gadgets, sure, but does it count as scifi? I’ve been leaning towards no, but input on this one would be appreciated; comment below. And, finally, no Hancock on this list. Why? Because releasing it early on a Tuesday to artificially inflate the weekend gross is a dirty trick, and the press on it has been so weak, I fully expect a massive drop box office drop in week two. If I’m proven wrong, it’ll be in next week’s Rankings along with my apologies. But enough chatter! Onward!

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 WallE.jpg Wall-E
Why does the little robot continue to dominate? How about this: My kid’s seen it three times already, each time with a different set of adults in tow and everyone absolutely loved it. Pixar’s streak continues.
2 3 Hellboy2.jpg Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Four days left until the arrival of Big Red on screens. Advance audiences are ecstatic, fan sites are churning up bandwidth, and the big guy himself has been popping out of sewers in cities across the country. It may not be the biggest opener, but expect serious staying power.
3 –  Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still.jpg The Day the Earth Stood Still
I’d have liked it better if Keanu played Gort, but the trailer for the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still has arrived. Timely? Big stupid entertainment? Whatever it turns out to be, this is one of the biggest titles in scifi history and the debate has begun
4 –  metropolis.jpg Metropolis
And speaking of legendary titles, all of the footage believed lost from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis has been found. This is the scifi equivalent of finding a lost book of the Bible and mainstream press around the globe are taking notice.
5 DrHorrible.jpg Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
This coming week should be Geek heaven. We’ve got filmdom’s leading geek back on screens Friday (look up if you’re not sure who that is) while TV’s biggest geek drops his latest on the ‘nets July 15. Cue excitement.
6 –  mutantchronicles_tn.jpg The Mutant Chronicles
Honestly, the just-released trailers for The Mutant Chronicles confuse me in ways I’ve not been confused since Starship Troopers. Nobody else seems sure either, but with Ron Perlman and John Malkovich on board, you gotta love the cast.
7 –  the-hobbit-75.jpg The Hobbit
With Guillermo del Toro everywhere doing press for Hellboy, talk of The Hobbit is hot once again. What will that second film be? Will he shoot back to back?  Will Bilbo ever find true love? Whatever, just gimme.
8 –  Hitchhikers_guide_galaxy_2.jpg Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The original god of geekery just won’t quit, not even after death. Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide is about to get a Dirk Gently-fied prequel and the potential awesomeness has made my brain explode.
9 terminator.robot.jpg.jpg Terminator Salvation
I really want to write off this fourth Terminator flick but McG just won’t let me! First Christian Bale and now Helena Bonham-Carter!? How is he doing this!?! Two stellar actors in the leads leaves me no choice but to take it seriously.
10 hulk-75.jpg The Incredible Hulk
Yes, his time is almost done, but the big green guy is holding on to his spot in the box-office as hard as he can and he’s got strong hands, you know. It’s last-gasp time, but he’s had a decent run.
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