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Ren & Stimpy Creator John Kricfalusi Prefers Monster Classics to Modern Day Gore

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After creating The Ren and Stimpy Show in 1988, John Kricfalusi’s rambunctious style of animation became recognized (and imitated) worldwide. Having made music videos for Björk and Tenacious D, as well as a whole slew of bizarre independent cartoons, Kricfalusi now runs a blog on the finer points of cartooning. When it comes to horror, he prefers the classics, choosing the monster movies of his childhood over the modern gore of today. “My parents would always tell the babysitter, ‘Whatever you do, don’t let Johnny watch Horror House Theater. I don’t care if he begs or bribes, don’t let him, because he always has nightmares, and then we have to shut him up,'” he recalls. “And then they’d leave and the babysitter would give in… The Deadly Mantis or something would come on, and the special effects were things like a grasshopper walking up a photo of a skyscraper — but I’d be crapping myself.”

As he grew older (and braver), Kricfalusi grew to appreciate the camp value of these films. “Even my favorite horror movies, I laugh all the way through them. Like Strait-Jacket — it makes every storytelling mistake that you can think of. And they do it so boldly! The ending is one of the best endings to a movie ever, because it’s so wrong.” Would Kricfalusi ever try making one himself? “I wouldn’t mind making my own live-action horror movie, if I had another lifetime to live. I’d make up for all the things that pissed me off about monster movies when I was a kid — get rid of all the filler and give them what they want!”

John Kricfalusi’s Top 10 Horror Films

10. Zombie
9. The Thing With Two Heads
8. Strait-Jacket
7. Frankenstein
6. The Old Dark House
5. The Beast With Five Fingers
4. Mad Love
3. The Raven
2. Bride Of Frankenstein
1. Night Of The Hunter

“I’ve seen Night of the Hunter probably a 100 times. I
experience 50 different emotions at the same time while watching it —
my skin is crawling, but at the same time I’m laughing. It’s so extreme
— I can’t believe someone was able to put everything into a film all
at the same time.”

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