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Meet the Reader – Cheran


Name: Cheryl D.
Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
Age: 43
Profession: Former paralegal (currently “retired” and enjoying life)

There are movie fans who love movies, then there are movie fans who love movies — and have an uncanny ability to retain details and information about them. Cheran fits into the latter category. For three consecutive weeks her name reached the top of’s Ultimate Fan Quiz rankings, first showcasing her knowledge of Clint Eastwood and his films, then following up with back-to-back wins for Brad Pitt and the Death Wish series. “They’re challenging enough that I usually have to search for about 50% of the answers,” she says, “whether it be through online resources or simply scanning through my DVD collection.”

But Cheran‘s relationship with AMC doesn’t just extend to the quizzes (and their habit of swelling her DVD collection). She’s an avid AMC watcher — “I really appreciate how AMC has moved to a mix of different decade-specific movies,” she says. “Everything from the 1930s to the more recent classics. I just watched Jerry Maguire yesterday on AMC!” — as well as a frequent visitor to the website.

Cheran claims that her love of movies is all-encompassing. “As long as it has a decent plot and acting, I’ll watch it,” she says. Given her track record, of course, she holds a special place for Brad Pitt, whose similarity in age, she says, makes him an easy target for adulation, and the Death Wish series, which she says hold a taboo mystique for her. As for an all-time favorite, she has a hard time deciding between The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind. One thing is certain: Should AMC ever run a quiz on either, her name will top the list.

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