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In Timecop, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Time Travel Defies Real and Movie Science


Scientists have long claimed time travel isn’t possible. But we prefer to follow the arguments of those more qualified to think outside of the box — scifi screenwriters — as to why time travel is possible. According to the rules of science fiction, hopping from era to era is feasible thanks to these three built in safeguards:

Alternate Universes: According to this theory, any changes made to the past by
time-traveling meddlers results in a divergent timeline that has no
effect on the traveler’s original chronological homestead. In 2000’s Timequest for instance, when one character attempts to stop the assassination of John F Kennedy, he creates a new timeline, separate from our own.

Destiny: This
theory assumes that travel to the past won’t automatically result in a
cataclysmic paradox, that quick jaunts to the past can be crucial
to the present as we know it. This is best demonstrated in Donnie Darko and 12 Monkeys , as the actions of the characters in each movie directly affect their home timelines.

Ejector Seat: Any attempt at mucking about with the past in order to
change the present results in immediate, spontaneous time-travel, whether back to the present or flung randomly through time. While The Jacket features forward time travel, Adrien Brody’s frequent attempts to garner knowledge from the future about the present frequently result in being sent back to his point of origin.

Yet none of these well-established theories works in the context of Timecop, in which Jean-Claude Van Damme actually plays a man employed to enforce chronological order. So how to reconcile ourselves with the successful time-travel of the movie? It’s simple really: Jean-Claude Van Damme himself.
A man who high kicked his way into stardom, and who can execute full splits to fight his way out of any situation, has the power to supersede the logic of any real or movie science.

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