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Horror Power Ranking List – July 28, 2008

Having spent the past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, my Power Rankings have been momentarily taken over by the buzziest items at the show. Sadly, this spells doom for last week’s top ranker, The X-Files, which was the subject of approximately zero conversations at the Con (that’s a rough estimate). However, one big new flick tops the list that I think you guys might be interested in, so enough jibber jabber; let’s get to the rankings:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 sawv-75x75.jpg Saw V
With The Punisher and Repo panels, Lionsgate could have claimed the win at SDCC ’08. But they didn’t rest on their laurels, premiering a new trailer for Saw V to an audience of fans who went totally nuts.
2 3 mummy-75x75.jpg The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
I’ve backed the wrong horse before, but the terracotta army that protected the Convention Center got more photo ops than Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian combined. So I’m feeling pretty good about this.
3 4 hellboy2-75x75.jpg Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Everywhere you looked, there were Hellboy costumes on the Con floor, from full blown body paint, to the world’s tiniest Hellboy. That and all the buzz on Dark Horse’s new movie properties, shows that Hellboy is here to stay.
5 1 xfiles-75x75.jpg The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Though I can’t in good conscience knock the first X-Files story in six years right off the list, it’s also one of the worst movies in six years. Given that SDCC is nerd central, you would think there would be some talk about the flick… there wasn’t.
6 10 twilight.jpg Twilight
We’ve been debating its value for weeks, but it bumps back up a few notches for having the funniest T shirt at SDCC: “Twilight Con ’08: Wait, Is There Something About Comics Going On?” Hilarious.
7 6 fridaythe13th.jpg Friday the 13th
We got a few more pics of the Jason reboot at the Con, but not much else. In an atmosphere where panels are set up just to assure fanboys that, “everything will be all right,” you’d expect there’d be more hand holding.
8 5 repo-75x75.jpg Repo: The Genetic Opera
A packed to the gills panel with screaming fans, singing the songs from the flick certainly helped, but negative buzz about Paris Hilton’s participation caused critics to say that SDCC had “jumped the shark.” So it’s a bit of a draw.
9 marvel-n-75x75.jpg N
Marvel kept hyping their “To the Nth Degree” panel as the super secret unveiling of the next evolution of comics, but the press spoiled the reveal (“N” is a mobile phone adaptation of a Stephen King story) the day before. Oops.
10 8 mirrors-75x75.jpg Mirrors
I think maybe I saw one (godawful) poster or something for Mirrors at the Con, but considering it’s a major horror property coming out in a few short weeks, from a popular horror director, you’d think there’d be more marketing.
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