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Site of the Week – Hollywood Elsewhere


Want to get inside the mind of a Hollywood insider? A movie journalist who’s worked in the trenches long enough to know the truth about Tinseltown but remains passionate about movies nonetheless? At Hollywood Elsewhere, you can.

The site, described by creator Jeffrey Wells as his “daily stream-of-Hollywood-consciousness column” was born out of necessity. “I had no choice but to start my own thing because I had no job,” says Wells. When his last job (writing for Kevin Smith’s came to an end, the print journalist and online movie columnist took a chance and became a blogger. “It became less of a reportage in the stricter, old sense and more of a personal, almost diary.”

He admits he wasn’t sure he could do “this bloggy blog thing.” His first weekly Hollywood column for the L.A. Times Syndicate
was 800 words each week. “I was pretty terrified of that idea,” he
explains. “Now here I am doing much more on a daily basis.” Over time
he says he came to understand what those who started out writing online
knew all along: “You gotta look at online stuff as its own medium, its
own mood, its own vibe…”

Wells attributes the
site’s success, in part, to his “voice” which he describes as showing
his worship of movies and that he is “impudent at heart.” It’s also
honest. When it comes to filmmaking he says, “You’re talking about a
ten percent slice of the creative output that is really, really good.”
Unfortunately, he adds, laughing, moviegoers don’t always want to hear
that. “They say, ‘Yes it is good. You’re being an egghead.” It could be
why his regular readers tend to be hardcore film fans and those that
work in the industry. Still, it gets 15,000 plus unique visitors a day, and after two years blogging, he says
there’s no turning back. “I’ve never been in a better place
professionally in my life,” he says.

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