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Daily Scan: 07.25.08 – Whedon Plans Dollhouse Webisodes, Original Star Wars Trilogy in 3D?

lucascarbonite.jpg• Joss Whedon will make 13 Dollhouse webisodes. Like all webisodes, I’ll forget to watch them until they show up on a DVD extras menu.

• Ronald D. Moore makes lofty promises about BSG’s final episodes.

• The original Star Wars trilogy… in 3D?

• io9 gets an exclusive interview with Doctor Who’s major itch to scratch, Steven Moffat.

• Prequel Watchmen games will make Alan Moore roll over in his grave.

• If Eric Bana’s Star Trek Xi character is a Romulan, what the heck is up with his ears?

• One more reason not to see Transformers 2: No Dinobots.

• George Lucas… frozen in carbonite.

Cowboy Bebop will be rocketing to screens in a live-action adaptation? On one hand, sacrilege. On the other? Sold.

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