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Daily Scan: 07.24.08 – Whedon Reworks Dollhouse for Fox, the Psychological Depth of a Bat Villain


• Shia LaBoeuf’s popularity continues to be inexplicable, but he’s still in-line for Y: The Last Man in 20010.

• Carrie Fisher will play Princess Leia one more time on Robot Chicken. You can skip the gold bikini this time, Carrie.

BSG director will direct an adaptation of Witchblade,
which “involves a jewel-encrusted gauntlet that bestows extraordinary
powers upon the possessor, one chosen female from each generation.”

• io9 looks at The Fermi Pardox within the confines of scifi literature.

• Oh, yeesh. Fox seems intent to go through the whole Firefly fiasco again. They’ve ordered another first episode of Joss Whedon’s new show, Dollhouse.

• And what is, pray tell, the psychological depth of a Bat-Villain?

• Another Austrian bodybuilder to play Terminator 4‘s T-800?

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