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Daily Scan: 07.22.08 – Which Mental Illnesses Batman Suffers From, Robocop Remake Now a Sequel?


• Despite the new Watchmen trailer looking pretty okay, Alan Moore doesn’t want to have anything to do with Hollywood anymore.

• Some intriguing, ultra-rare Japanese Star Wars collectibles.

• Topless Robot thinks these are the ten mental illnesses Batman indisputably has.

• Popular Mechanics writes-up the surprisingly involved process of designing the new Batpod.

• Ray Bradbury blows the dust off old bones to share his thoughts at the Writer’s Symposium.

• J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek XI gets some new posters.

• Tor shows remarkable web savvy and launch a new online portal, with original fiction, a group blog and social networking features.

• The surprising cameos of Robbie the Robot.

• The new Robocop remake will not be a remake at all?

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