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Daily Scan: 07.07.08 – Zach Snyder’s Watchmen Video Journal; Neal Stephenson on the SciFi Genre

08_tarzanterrible_1921_stjohn.jpg• Zack Snyder has released the fourth Watchmen video journal, which features a look at the comic stand from the comic.

• Author Thomas M. Disch dies.

• There’s a gorgeous collection of old Tarzan book covers here. I inherited a trunk of my Dad’s old Tarzan books as a boy, and I’m amazed that I actually have most of these.

• io9 brutally skewers the Doctor Who season finale.

• Blogginhood blogs 30 cycloptic scifi characters.

• The producers hint that Cameron from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles will soon become John Connor’s lovebot.

• SF Signal posts Neal Stephenson discussing science fiction.

• Gort returns in traditional form in the Day the Earth Stood Still trailer.

• Yes, Boba Fett can flashdance.

• You never really wanted to see Optimus Prime in slash, did you?

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