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Daily Scan: 07.03.08 – BBC Plans for a Hitchhiker’s Guide Prequel; BSG Movie This Fall?

predatorsteed.jpg• It turns out that everyone in the DC Universe eventually goes to the small Kansas town of Smallville.

• The BBC goes ahead with a Hitchhiker’s Guide prequel.

• Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez break up. Where does this leave Barbarella? Hopefully without Rose.

• Some great old Indian comics from the 1970s.

• The awesomest Predator action figure ever.

• Comics scribe Mark Millar claims Superman will be reinvented by Hollywood. Again.

• Rough cut buzz of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Xi is pretty good… albeit, from the usual Ain’t It Cool mouthbreathers.

Star Wars characters in plastic teddy bear form.

• io9 posts about lying, deceitful mentors and imaginary intelligence organizations.

• It looks like we might get a BSG movie as early as fall… possibly a Cylon backstory set on New Caprica!

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