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Daily Scan – 07.23.08 – Breaking Down The WatchmenTrailer, Battlestar Back in January


• Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter, pin-up edition. It needs a dash of Art Frahm.

• The usually insufferable PETA makes a great list of the top 10 animal friendly superheroes. Animal Man makes number three, but he should have been number one.

Battlestar television movie might focus on new characters, the finale will be at least three hours, and season 4.5 starts in January, which isn’t as far off as I feared.

• Empire Online breaks the Watchmen trailer down into its comic panel elements.

• Finally, io9 aptly breaks down the Sci Fi Channel’s television movies into one smart mathematical formula: ‘90s actor + giant animal = Sci Fi Original.

• The promo trailer for BSG spin-off Caprica looks just as boring as the descriptions of the show made it seem. Nice to see Eric Stoltz can still get work, though.

• The latest episode of the Heroes webisode is up on NBC.

• Some utterly inexplicable photographs are leaking out of the Crank 2 set.

• The X-Files 2 is going to be utterly, utterly awful.

• Neil Stephenson’s 10,000 year millennium clock in all its cogwork.

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