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Stan Lee, Stephen King and Jonathan Safran Foer Hit the Big Screen in Person

Plenty of directors make cameo appearances in their movies. Nearly every Alfred Hitchcock fan has played the parlor game of spotting the rotund genius in his thrillers. ( Lifeboat is probably the cleverest, North by Northwest the most poignant. ) You can glimpse Martin Scorsese in After Hours and John Landis in An American Werewolf in London . But authors enjoy a little screen time now and then.

Renowned comic book creator Stan Lee pops up in Daredevil , Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and all three Spidermen, to name but a few. Jonathan Safran Foer, whose Everything Is Illuminated
was published in 2002, filled the pivotal role of “Leaf Blower” in the
Liev Schreiber’s movie adaptation. Horror legend Stephen King is
convincing whether delivering pizza and pop in Rose Red, advertising legal services in Kingdom Hospital or leading a swing band in The Shining. Looking ahead, Stephenie Meyer, author of the four-book Twilight series, appears in a diner scene in the upcoming movie version of her first novel.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss Dennis Lehane, author of the best-selling 2001 novel on which Mystic River is based. (He plays a local politician riding in a convertible during a parade.)

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