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Site of the Week – TrekMovie

The Star Trek juggernaut is gearing up for its eleventh movie next year, and TrekMovie is there to cover all the latest happenings. The website is the brainchild of Anthony Pascale, who launched it in July 2006 — on the same day it was announced that J.J. Abrams had finalized a deal with Paramount to direct Star Trek XI. The site is all about “approaching Star Trek professionally,” says Pascale who runs the site, with the help of several editors, reviewers and other contributors. TrekMovie’s “goal is to be comprehensive. We endeavor to review every book, every comic book, every toy, every new episode,” he says, adding, “I’m not necessarily interested in every single one of these aspects, but I know someone is.

And will the site vanish once the newest movie hits the screen on May 8, 2009? Not at all. The new movie may have given birth to the website, but now, the “movie’s just part of the world for us,” Pascale notes. Pascale has bought the “TrekHQ” name and plans to roll it out after the movie is released. He’s confident there will be enough blockbuster additions to the franchise to sustain the website’s future, including another Paramount movie and a new television series. “I would not be surprised if, three years from now, we’re talking about the sequel to the J.J. Abrams movie and the new CBS show coming out in fall 2012,” Pascale predicts. “I think the franchise has a good future. That’s why I created the site.” He’s justifiably proud of TrekMovie’s many scoops, including news that CBS Paramount was working on an HDTV enhanced version of the original Star Trek television series with new state-of-the art CGI visual effects. Pascale also claims that TrekMovie has announced more stars for the new movie than the Hollywood Reporter and Variety combined, including news of the casting of Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and John Cho.

It was the animated television series served as Pascale’s initiation into the world of Star Trek. He’s followed the franchise ever since. When asked for his favorite Star Trek TV show, he says it’s a tie between the original series and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Of the movies, he favors Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. As for Star Trek XI, Pascale is extremely confident that the movie’s producers and executives “understand the heart of Star Trek, the soul of Star Trek; from everything I’ve seen and heard, I’m very confident that they get it,” he says.

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