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SciFi Power Ranking – June 9, 2008

Indiana Jones continues to be a big ol’ money making machine, but the big news this week comes not from the good doctor but with word that Ridley Scott will be returning to scifi for the first time since 1982’s Blade Runner … and the title bringing him back is a HUGE one. Also placing high on the Power Ranking this week: Animated robots, giant sand worms, and one big green man.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 bravenewworld.jpg Brave New World
Sir Ridley’s coming back to scifi, kids, and if word the director of Alien and Blade Runner is getting techy again isn’t enough to get you excited how about this: the title bringing him back is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World; Leo DiCaprio is rumored to star.
2 1 indianajonescrystal.jpg Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Sure, the good doctor’s box office take is dropping at a staggering rate of 50% per week but it’s still on track to top Iron Man as the top grossing movie of the year.
3 –  Abrams.jpg Fringe
Got to hand it to Lost creator JJ Abrams: The man knows how to build hype. Rejoice in the fact that his latest TV creation, Fringe, hits the airwaves in September and there’s a new trailer to prove it.
4 WallE.jpg Wall*E
It hits screens at the end of this month, director Andrew Stanton is rivaled only by fellow Pixar helmer Brad Bird in the world of US animation, and the only question is why it took the company so long to do scifi?
5 hulk-75.jpg The Incredible Hulk
I’ll be honest: The trailers for the relaunched Incredible Hulk do little for me other than the thrill of watching my hometown get smashed to bits, but the cast is good and the film is tracking very well. Expect Dr. Banner to open strong on Friday.
6 Wanted-1.jpg Wanted
How much weird science do you need for an action flick to qualify as scifi? No idea, but I say Wanted has enough. Any movie that can make me believe James McEvoy is a super-powered assassin has got to have something going on.
7 heroeslogo_tn.jpg Heroes
Worst part of last year’s writer’s strike?  A seriously truncated season of Heroes and the total loss of the Origins spin off. I am feeling better now that the series’ creators have planned an online graphic novel leading in to Season 3.
8 dune.jpg Dune
Yes, Frank Herbert’s Dune has been brought to the screen a couple times now, but the Lynch theatrical version was so bad and the source material so good that they’re doing it again. Peter Berg was announced to direct ages ago and now they’ve got a writer in Josh Zetumer.
9 x-files.jpg The X Files: I Want To Believe
Back when the show was at its peak, a new X Files movie would surely have landed at the top of the Power Ranking but coming about a decade too late, it ends up down here. Let’s hope nostalgia will bring the audiences in.
10 –  paprika-face.jpg Anime Industry Unionizing
Not a film, but an event here… the directors of Japanese anime titles Vampire Hunter D, Paprika and Eureka Seven are leading a push to unionize Japanese animators. All that cheap Saturday morning filler could be getting a lot more expensive …
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