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SciFi Power Ranking – June 2, 2008

Middling reviews? Bah! Everybody’s favorite archaeologist laughs in the face of the media and rides the wave of nostalgia not only to top the box office but to crush all newcomers. And who are we to argue with success? The good Doctor continues to top the power rankings but joining him there are the return of Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii, some big news from the world of Doctor Who,and Nazis invading earth from a secret moon base!

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 1 indianajonescrystal.jpg Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The press was so-so and it’s hard not to wonder what this movie might have been minus George Lucas’s meddling. But there’s no arguing with success: Indy is the summer’s big blockbuster. Number one at box office means number one in the power ranking.
2 the-hobbit-75.jpg The Hobbit
It’s time for casting rumors. How about this one? James MacEvoy as Bilbo Baggins. Nice. Better yet, the second part of this two-part prequel will be an original story bridging the gap between the novel and Lord of the Rings . News plus gossip for the most successful fantasy franchise ever equals second place.
3 3 iron_man_75.jpg Iron Man
Is it that he’s the right hero for the time? Or is it that director Jon Favreau made a brilliant casting choice with Robert Downey Jr.? Whatever. Iron Man has serious staying power in theaters. If you haven’t seen it, go. It really is that good. Hey, it’s either that or Sex In The City.
4 spiderman3.jpg Spider-Man
Poor Tobey Maguire! It’s tough being radioactive. Studio suits are denying it, but rumors are flying that due to a lackluster third installment, replacement names are being kicked around for Spidey 4. The most common? Almost Famous ‘s Patrick Fugit. 4th film, 4th spot on the list.
5 tenth-doctor-who-785475.jpg Doctor Who
Not only has this season been strong but Stephen Moffat (the best Who writer of late) will replace Russell Davies when he steps down later this year. Word is that Neil Gaiman will pen an episode. Gaiman on Who? High five!
6 skycrawlers.jpg Sky Crawlers
Mamoru Oshii is an animation god, assured of a place in the pantheon for bringing Ghost in the Shell to the big screen. His latest is poised for release in Japan. Based on the the trailers and word of mouth generated from early screenings, expect this to emerge as the anime event of the year.
7 ironsky.jpg Iron Sky
Here come the Space Nazis! Let’s see … UFOs, secret moon bases, and an impending Nazi invasion. Yeah, Iron Sky is pretty much an instant cult classic and they haven’t even made it yet! Financing is coming together now but the producers were showing off an extended promo at Cannes. Watch and be amazed.
8 terminator.robot.jpg.jpg Terminator Salvation
A year ago it felt as though the Terminator franchise was as tired and played out as it could possibly be but a year later the casting of Christian Bale as John Connor has brought both respectability and excitement to the name and the freshly released production art says they’re doing this right.
9 caspian.jpg Prince Caspian
Sure, the gross is lagging behind the first Narnia but Prince Caspian is still around the hundred million mark. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Don’t argue with cash flow; landing high on the box office chart lands Caspian a spot in the Power Rankings.
10 –  ostrov.jpg Inhabited Island
The one-two punch of Night Watch / Day Watch taught us Russia makes kick-ass scifi. Next up is the post-apocalyptic  Inhabited Island, based on a Strugatsky Brothers novel. (They also wrote Stalker .) The buzz has begun; the trailers make obvious why.
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