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Scare Tactics Creators Terrify People Everyday, but Still Find The Exorcist Believable

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The show Scare Tactics places unsuspecting everyday people in situations straight out of scary movie hell — like investigating mutant-infested laboratories or being chased by vampire bikers. With setups and special effects far more elaborate than anything Candid Camera ever dreamed up, creators Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey have found a way to wring fresh shock and entertainment from the films they grew up with. “The first horror movie I got to go see without anyone knowing was Halloween ,” recalls Healey. “I was a little kid, probably about seven — too young to see it — and man, it kept me up for three straight nights! Horror films became a way of life for me.” Hallock had a similar experience: “I remember seeing Jaws and being scared out of my mind,” he says, “My brother and I had put up a tent out in the yard, and even though we lived out in the woods, miles from any ocean, I was too scared to sleep in the tent for fear that Jaws was going to get us.”

Recreating convincing cinematic scenarios without a film-sized budget has been inspiring, says Hallock. “We do a lot with a little. At the end of this year, we plan to open up our division to horror films,” he notes. “Scare Tactics is really all about storytelling, so it only makes sense that we flex our muscles and make the transition to a longer format.” Healey and Hallock have assembled a list of the films they found the most inspiring for the show’s new season, debuting July 9 at 10 PM on Sci Fi.

Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey’s Top 10 Horror Films

10. Hostel
9. Leprechaun
8. Re-Animator
7. The Descent
6. Firestarter
5. Scanners
4. Rosemary’s Baby
3. Silence of the Lambs
2. Alien
1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is probably number one for me, based on
things we’re doing this season,” says Healey. “What’s so scary is
that it doesn’t require a huge leap of faith. It makes it so believable
that evil could come into our lives at any moment.”

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