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Sandra Bullock Re-embraces the Romantic Comedy

Sandra Bullock’s career was at a crossroads when she made Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant. ”You’re not going to see me in any romantic comedies for a good long time,” she told the New York Times. ”I love them, but I have nothing else to offer.” The actress was in the process of redefining herself; she was great as a cinematic sweetheart, but critics were asking if she could do more.

Luckily for those who love the genre and Bullock, you’ll be happy to know she’s embraced it again. In All About Steve, set for release in 2009, she plays an upbeat, intelligent and quirky girl that wins out in the end. Plus, she’s shooting The Proposal, another romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds and is said to be developing One of the Guys, a story about a tomboy who throws her all-male circle of friends into chaos when she embraces her feminine side. It sounds made to order for the Miss Congeniality star.


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